Sukhothai historical park

Why Study “Thai Studies”?

As the only non-colonized country in Southeast Asia, the Kingdom of Thailand also has an unbroken literary tradition and an independent scientific culture.

Thai Studies is the scientific examination of the language, culture, literature, history and society of Thailand and some neighboring regions such as Laos, among others. The study of modern Thailand also requires the involvement of other disciplines such as anthropology, political science, sociology, geography and economics. It is based on a solid training of the Thai language.

Thai is widespread as a lingua franca in much of mainland Southeast Asia and also serves as a scientific language throughout the entire region today. Overall, the Thai language and related languages are spoken by more than 100 million people.

In studying Thai Studies you will gain profounded knowledge of the Thai language and culture, so that you will be able to scientificly deal with literature and historical sources of Thailand and neighbouring countries, such as Laos.

Cultural competences are very important in our globalized world. Especially for Southeast Asian countries, they are neccessary to understand the culture, economics, politics and the society. You will aquire these competences with focus on Thailand during your studies at the Asia-Africa-Institute.

Provided the right amount of commitment and motivation, the B.A. in Thai Studies opens up diverse fields of activity in the areas of language, culture and knowledge transfer, as well as development cooperation and the possibility of a further M.A. degree or even PhD – all directly at the Asia-Africa-Institute in Hamburg.

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