List of Past Presentations and Events

On this page you will find an overview of exciting and interesting presentations and events that the HGT organized, but have not been included in the archive yet.


21. Juli 2021: Online-Vortrag “After the Coup: The future of multiculturalism in Myanmar”

Gayatri Malhotra / Unsplash

von Prof. Dr. Alexander Horstmann

The military coup has ended hopes for developing civil society in Myanmar. After decades of military rule in Myanmar, civil society organizations and the National League for Democracy (NLD) have used the opening public space to mount inter-religious dialogue and to raise sensibility for religious freedom in an ethnically and religiously diverse nation. At the same time, the new democratic space was also used by well-resourced Buddhist and nationalist organizations and the military in the name of protecting race and Buddhist religion…

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9. Juli 2021: Online-Vortrag “The Yaoi Boom in Thailand”

von Dr. Natthanai Prasannam

Yaoi or Boys’ Love (BL) is currently a popular media genre in Asia. Yaoi deals with homosexual desire and romantic love reimagined by creators and fans. The genesis of yaoi (or wai) culture in Thailand can be traced back to the 1990s, when it was initially inspired by the Japanese transcultural wave. The yaoi genre has been fully-fledged on digital platforms, in book culture and media industry since the 2010s….

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11. Juni 2021: Online-Vortrag “Herzog Johann Albrecht und der König von Siam”

von Werner Röpke

Mitnehmen lassen auf eine gedankliche Reise in die Jahre 1897 bis 1910, nach Schwerin und Braunschweig und auf eine Hochzeitsreise nach Bangkok. Mehr erfahren über die Freundschaft zwischen Herzog Johann Albrecht und König Chulalongkorn.

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28. Mai 2021: Online-Vortrag “On Politics and the Art of Naming: Names of Royalty in the Rattanakosin Period”

von Danai Ployplai

In the royal tradition, names of royalty can be categorized into two types: birth names and bestowed titles. The royal naming practice is mainly governed by hierarchical order, gender, and astrological beliefs. Supported by religious ideology from both Brahmanism and Buddhism, various linguistic devices are elaborately employed in names in order to highlight the royalty’s status and to strengthen the relationship with the monarch. Since King Rama IV’s reign, royal naming traditions have remarkably changed in many aspects….

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7. Mai 2021: Online-Vortrag “Thai Noblemen and Modern Bureaucrats
in the late 19th century and early 20th century”

von Dr. Yaninie Phaithayawat

Thai noblemen or ขุนนาง (khunnang) were part of a hierarchical social system in Thailand since the fourteenth until the late nineteenth centuries. In contrast to aristocrats in feudal Europe, Thai noblemen did not privately own land and their noble titles under the Sakdina system could not be inherited by their offspring.

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23. April 2021: Online-Vortrag “The Mon Origin of King Rama IV’s Ariyaka Script”

von Shinnakrit Tangsiriwattanakul

Designed for writing Pali, the liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism, and intended to replace the traditionally used Khom script (Siamese: อักษรขอม) (Laksanasiri, 2012), the Ariyaka script (Siamese: อักษรอริยกะ) was one of the most recently invented writing systems in Thailand, being created in the 19th century by Vajirañāna Bhikkhu, the future King Rama IV of Siam (Laksanasiri, 2011; 2012). Although traditionally considered a remodeling of the European alphabets (Laksanasiri, 2011; 2012), especially the Roman alphabet, this lecture shows that there were other sources for the Ariyaka script which were native to Southeast Asia….

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05. April 2021: Online-Vortrag “Protestant Buddhism? Religious Change in Nineteenth-Century Thailand”

von Prof. Dr. Sven Trakulhun

The history of Thailand in the nineteenth century is marked in many ways by the encounter with Western colonial powers, who began to dominate Mainland Southeast Asia economically and politically, while also attempting to spread their civilization and religion…

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29. März 2021: Online-Vortrag “Signs, Zeal, Delivered: Mass Protests in Myanmar and Thailand”

Credit: Gayatri Malhotra / Unsplash

von Dr. Lalita Hanwong

This talk argues that both protests in Myanmar and Thailand share similarities; that they are led by younger generations which are most affected by democratization and, in reverse, the military coup. It will also compare the two movements which are in reality interconnected through popular symbols and the deconstruction of traditional beliefs….



12. März 2021: Online-Vortrag “Research in Clinical Linguistics in Thailand”

von Dr. Nattanun Chanchaochai

Speech, language, and communication disorders have been studied under various disciplines, including linguistics, speech-language pathology, and communication sciences and disorders. This lecture introduces the field of clinical linguistics and studies on developmental and acquired language disorders. It then proceeds to recent and current trends of clinical linguistics in Thailand…

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22. Februar 2021: Online-Vortrag “Attitudes of Thais Toward Their Own Language”

von Dr. Jaralvilai Charunrochana

Language is a cornerstone of national identity. The Thai language, which is most widely spoken in Thailand, is both the national language and the official language of the country.
Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand seems to be remarkably homogeneous from a linguistic point of view….

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1. Februar 2021: Online-Vortrag “Champassak Royalty and Sovereignty”

von Dr. Ian Baird

Sovereignty has often been studied through the lens of royalty, with absolute monarchs being recognized as having the ultimate sovereign power to determine who lives and dies. However, there are a wide range of ways that sovereignty is asserted and practiced, and it ebbs and flows over time and space. This presentation is about sovereignty and the Champassak royal family over history…

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11. Januar 2021: Online-Vortrag “Thailand’s Growing Disorder and the Changing Role of the Thai Military in the Reign of Rama X”

von Paul Chambers

In January 2021, Thailand’s political pandemonium is intensifying. With opposition in the Lower House growing, progressive demonstrations continuing and reactionary right-wing protests expanding, it seems as Prime Minister (retired General) Prayuth Chanocha will increasingly look to security forces to retain power. This presentation argues that Prayuth finds himself today weaker than he has ever been since his 2014 coup….

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18. Dezember 2020: Online-Vortrag “Inequality, COVID-19, and Thailand’s Youth Democracy Movement”

Credit: Supanut Arunoprayote / Wikimedia Commons

von Praopan Pratoomchat, PhD

The study analyzes income inequality and the effects of the shock of the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 in Thailand. Growing inequality and political power of the elite class together with the economic shock lead to the latest pro-democracy movement. Income and wealth inequality in Thailand have been increasing since the latest military coup in 2014. The existing constitution allows Thailand’s elite class and military government to become extremely powerful financially and politically. COVID-19 exacerbates the effects of this unequal system….

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11. Dezember 2020: Online-Vortrag “The Temporal Dimension in International Relations: Thai-Lao Relations from 1954 to 2018”

von Thanachate Wisaijorn

This lecture deals with the ways in which the temporal aspects of the Ubon Ratchathani and Champassak borderlands relate to relations between Thailand and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR), how they are interpreted and the ways in which these interpretations can advance the temporal dimensions of Thai-Lao relations….

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27. November 2020: Online-Vortrag “Astrological Symbols: The Condiments of Life, Beliefs, and Rituals of Thai People”

von Asst. Prof. Dr. Prasirt Runra

Thai society is strongly characterized by the Buddhist belief in karma blended with other traditional beliefs in supernatural powers and spirits. Astrology is another important body of knowledge integrated into Thai society that is deeply rooted in almost every way of life. It can be said that astrology is a cultural mechanism that shapes life in Thai society. Various principles of astrology and relationships to people’s lives can be broadly divided into three levels…

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16. November 2020: Online-Vortrag “Siam and the third plague pandemic during the reign of King Rama V (1868 – 1910)”

von Tanwa Wongsangiem

The third plague pandemic had its origin in Yunnan province, China, in the mid-nineteenth century. It spread to the port city of Hong Kong which had a severe epidemic in 1894. From there, it spread to the rest of the world.
Upon hearing the news, Thailand, known as Siam at that time, tried its best to prevent the disease from entering the country by using public health measures….

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17. September 2020: Online-Vortrag “Japanese-Siamese Relation during the Absolute Monarchy”

von Dr. David M. Malitz

In 2017, Japan and Thailand celebrated the 130th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations according to modern norms with a series of events in both countries. Drawing on primary sources and the Japanese language literature, this talk will explore Japanese-Thai relations during the absolute monarchy in Siam arguing that they were of greater significance for modern Siam that they are usually given credit for. In particular, it will be shown that Imperial Japan quickly became a role model for both the court and critics of the ancien régime.

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11. August 2020: Online-Vortrag “Mining and Contested Resources in Laos:
The example of the tin mines in Khammouane Province (colonial time to present)”

von Dr. Oliver Tappe

Local Lao villagers practice traditional mining next to – or even within – large-scale Vietnamese and Chinese mining concessions. While opportunity-seeking work migrants from Vietnam endure various precarities specific to transnational labour migration in Southeast Asia, the local Lao miner-peasants are caught between insecure livelihoods and environmental degradation. This presentation explored the hopes, opportunities and precarities of the mining communities in the Nam Phathaen valley from the colonial era to the present…

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27. Juli 2020: Online-Vortrag “How Drinking Killed the Virus: Reflections on Irony, Knowledge, and Community among the Tai Lue of Sipsong Panna in Times of Coronavirus

von Dr. Roger Casas

Building on a one-month stay in a village in Sipsong Panna during the
COVID-19 lockdown, the presentation offered a glimpse of rural life
under a national-level emergency…

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13. Juli 2020: Online-Vortrag “Role of Nature in the Literary Works of Ngao Chan”

von Asst. Prof. Dr. Areeya Hutinta

Ngao Chan is one of a few female authors in Thailand who composes folk-style literary works. Descriptions of scenes and peoples’ lives in her writing are mainly characterized by portrayals of nature. The lecture is derived from a study of feminist literary works in Thai contemporary literature by Areeya Hutinta, and consists of a case study of one short story and three novels…

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06. Juli 2020: Online-Vortrag “COVID-19 Crisis: Impact on Thai society and public health”

Credit: Robert Norton / Unsplash

von Assist. Professor Dr. Dr. Suthin Jinaporntham

Covid-19: Der Grund, für unsere Serie an Online-Vorträgen. Die Pandemie stellt alle Länder auf der Welt auf den Kopf. Welche Auswirkungen hatte der Coronavirus für Thailand? Welche Maßnahmen hat die thailändische Regierung ergriffen, um weitere Ausbreitung zu verhindern? Wie gehen die Thais mit der Situation um und wie geht es ihnen jetzt?

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29. Juni 2020: Online-Vortrag “Die Deutsch-Thailändischen Beziehungen
im Zeitraum von 1932 bis 1945”

von Dr. Catthiyakorn Sasitharamas

Im Zeitraum 1932–1945 erschütterten nicht weniger als drei wichtige Ereignisse Thailand und Deutschland. Wie wirkten sich diese einschneidenden Ereignisse auf die Beziehungen zwischen den beiden Ländern aus? Belastete die rassistische NS-Ideologie die Beziehungen zwischen Thailand und Deutschland, zumal die Thais zur „gelben Rasse“ gezählt wurden?

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8. Juni 2020: Online-Vortrag “Nakleng: a cultural history of Thai masculinities (1948-1960)”

von Dr. Wanchana Tongkhampao

Nakleng are traditional, rural gang leaders and Robin Hood-style figures first identified in pre-modern Siam. The modern form of this masculine figure continues to be re-interpreted and represented in Thai popular culture from the Post-Second World War up until the present…

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25. Mai 2020: Online-Vortrag “The Daily Struggles of the Khon Isan in a Time of Radical Economical Change:
An Analysis of Khongrak Khamphairot‘s Poetry Collection Phleng Mae Nam

von Natthaly Natschke

The Northeast of Thailand has always faced its own special challenges ranging from the difficult environmental conditions and poor infra-structure to the different cultural-background of its people, the Khon Isan. All of these can be seen reflected in the Isan literature, which—in its modern form– is still a relatively new aspect of Isan culture…

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7. Dezember 2019: Thai-Tag “Thailand and her Neighbours”

mit fünf spannenden Vorträge von unseren Gästen: Prof. Dr. Sven Trakulhun, Prof. Dr. Andreas Stoffers und Dr. Hans-Bernd Zöllner, sowie von AAI Prof. Dr. Volker Grabowsky und PhD Student am AAI Pheakdey Boramy Pong!

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27. November 2019: Vortrag in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Numata-Zentrum: “Cittamatra of Yogacara Buddhism”

von Dr. Venerable Phramaha Somboon Vuddhikaro

The lecture discusses various interpretations of the concept of Yogacara’s Cittamatra which focus on the mainstream interpretation as Mind-Only (Nothing but Mind) or Metaphysical Idealism…

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4. Juni 2019: Vortrag “Tropenkrankheiten in Thailand: Relevanz für Deutschland”

von Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit

Wie kaum ein anderes Land ist das Königreich Thailand bei deutschen Touristen sehr beliebt. Für viele Reisende ist es aufgrund der guten touristischen Infrastruktur DAS Einsteigerziel in Asien. Trotzdem sollte man sich vor jeder Reise von einem Tropenmediziner beraten lassen, um das Risiko währen oder unmittelbar nach der Reise zu erkranken, zu minimieren…

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8. Mai 2019: Vortrag “Von Geistern und magischen Amuletten: Volksglaube und Volkskultur in Thailand”

von Prof. Dr. Ampha Otrakul

Noch heute spielt der Glaube an das Magische eine wichtige Rolle in Thailand. Er steht dabei in einem harmonischen Verhältnis zum Buddhismus und begleitet das Leben der meisten Thailänder Tag für Tag. Der Vortrag gliedert sich in zwei Abschnitte…

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27. April 2019: Vortrag “Vertretung für den Mega-Tempel:Wat Phra Dhammakayas studentische „Clubs“

von Lars Brandt

Wat Phra Dhammakaya (Thammakai) ist Thailands größter, aber auch umstritten-ster Tempel. Er ist das Zentrum einer Bewegung, zu der sich Hunderttausende, wenn nicht Millionen, Thailänder bekennen. Seit den 1970er Jahren ist Wat Phra Dhammakaya auch an den Universitäten aktiv…

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17. April 2019: Vortrag “The Rakhine Crisis – 220 Years Ago: A Historical Conflict Mapping”

von Dr. Hans-Bernd Zöllner

The conflicts exploding in the last years on the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh – mostly referred to as the “Rohingya crisis” in the media – has caused extremely controversial and emotional discussions. This is understandable given the fact that since October 2016 some 700.000 Muslims fled over the border to Bangladesh where they are now living in refugee camps….

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10. Januar 2019: Vortrag “From Saffron Revolution to Mabatha: Religion and Nationalism in Burma”

von Assoc. Prof. Alexander Horstmann

In 2007, a social movement of Buddhist monks took to the streets to protest against the military junta and to support Aung San Suu Kyi. This movement coincided with the student movement and was violently suppressed, because the generals wanted to keep in power and were afraid of the revenge of the National League for Democracy (NLD). Now, things are changing…

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24. Januar 2019: Vortrag “The Tham Luang Cave Rescue Incident: An Utopian Model for Humanity in the Globalized Context”

von Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trisilpa Boonkhachorn

This is the retrospective analysis of the Tham Luang Cave Rescue Incident at Chiang Rai, Thailand, one of the world‘s most complex and gruelling rescue op-erations, which sparked celebration of “mission impossible” from around the world…

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8. Dezember 2018: Thai-Tag 2018 “Thai Cuisine”

mit spannenden Vorträgen von Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trisilpa Boonkhachorn (“Thai Cuisine”), Sasipin N. Meyer (“Kaffeegenuss in Thailand von früher bis heute”) und Carola Helwig (“Kommunikationsdifferenzen zwischen Kokosnüssen und Mangos”), sowie kulturellem Programm und kulinarischer Verwöhnung.

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